Hiking for kids
6yrs +

Because of all the restrictions out there and the stress that affects our children, I think fresh mountain air should give us a new set of positive energy and a good night sleep, so that the evening is enjoyable not just for the kids, but also for the parents.

You're welcome.

The idea is to pick a different hike every week, once a week. The trails itself will be flexible to kids ability and my patience (joke aside). I have no expectations and I do think hiking should be fun, although I do have few rules regarding walk itself. I like to present a challenge for kids and I have a ton of ideas for the games throughout the trip.So far it was always super fun, especially when we got lost and came back when the sun already set. This is a true story - but we were fully prepared and the bears were asleep.
I am, however, extremely responsible person.


I work with kids and parents for over 10 years now and I have done hikes with kids before. If you'd like to hear any feedback on that, I will send you the necessary info of the families. I'm very flexible with days so it can be any day. But for the start, may I suggest Saturdays and Sundays? We will spend about 7h together, possibly more or less on some days, depending on the location.

I appreciate my time on 50€ per person, for every sibling is additional 30€.
The price includes:
- petrol
- snacks on the road
- a hiking 'passport' on the first day
- certificate for every successfully achieved hill
- professional photos that will be send on your email

I am very flexible. It can be any day during the week or weekend.
Starting with November 27th / Saturday / 9am - 4pm
November 28th / Saturday / 9am - 4pm 

We meet in Ljubljana - Be
žigrad (you receive the address and time once I get your confirmation)

I will inform you about the location and time 3 days before our trip and that will allow you time to pay and confirm if your child is participating. If we head in your direction I can pick up your kids from your home, just inform me a day ahead. If your child needs a pick up from your home, that is in a different direction than our location, let me know a day ahead and I will collect him/her in the morning. *In this case, I only charge additional for petrol.*Please bare in mind I can take max. 4 kids per our trip, so once your confirmation comes through the payment is non-refundable.

In case of the heavy rain or heavy snow, the hiking trip will be cancelled and moneys will be refunded.

I speak mainly English. If Slovenian or French is requested I can speak that too. Although my French is not that fluent.

I would also like you to meet a beautiful, happy, friendly dog Lina. She absolutely loves kids and kids love her. Lina will be our friend on most of the trips. If anyone has fear of dogs, or allergies, let me know and she will stay at home. 

Your kids are in safe hands,
kind regards,


Online reservation

Book the hiking trip for any day. The location will be known once I get your reservation.

Thank you for your trust.
With love, 

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