Presenting my inner child

Hiking for kids 6+

Intuitive perception for children

I've been feeling strong connection with children most of my life. My intuition is somehow just right when it comes to speaking about or with kids.

Consciousness, present moment, dirt and messiness, fearlessness. Words that describe a child. Can we identify ourselves as a parent, an adult with those words, with those actions?

Oh yes, the revelation

Hey! Wake up and take it step by step. First and foremost is just realizing that WE are the ones who has to become ourselves in order our kids to become their true them. You following?
This is a fantastic jumping step for all of us. So let's maybe start there - with admitting that we are good enough, that we are worthy enough, let's show ourselves we can do it and if we can't let's allow ourselves to ask for help. It's okay! 

But let me tell you something before we dive deeper - nobody says it's easy. It's hard to let go of your ego, of your expectations. Trust me, I know. 

So, shall we?

Kids are our greatest teachers. Learn to let go of your expectations and enjoy the wild ride along with me. 

Grateful for you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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